Stanisław Piotr Czerczak

Founder and leader of the CODEX Foundation – collaborator of the european Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN) by the European Commision. An expert of the Institute of Social Safety and a long-time associate of the “NEVER AGAIN” Association. Former member of the neo-fascist group of football hooligans.
Expert in counteracting radicalization in the youth environment. Most of his adult life was devoted to counteracting discrimination, intolerance and hatred. He is an expert in the field of innovative EXIT strategies and other de-radicalising activities. And all because, as a teenager, he was involved in an extreme right-wing extremist group. Social activist, speaker and educator. Czerczak trains teachers, the police, the prison officers and the border Guards. Co-author of publications, author of newspaper articles.

Ewa Czerczak

A graduate of Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Szczecin. She is responsible for the Foundation’s organising and administrative tasks. She also runs the website and social medias. A A great animator and a good spirit of the organization. She takes care of the contacts with medias and Foundation CODEX’s public relations.

Damian Żurek

Lawyer, specializing in a penal and criminal business law, graduate from University of Social Science and Humanities in Poznan. He works for one of the best law firms in western Poland. Chairman of the Foundation CODEX’s Council. Thanks to him the Foundation has permanent legal service at its best.
Social activist focused on legislative aspects of counteracting hatred. He animates, organizes and creates Foundation’s actions. He is responsible for legal aspects of Foundation CODEX’s activity

Robert Örell

Has spent more than 15 years with ExitSweden, helping people disengage from political extremism and criminal gangs. He is also a social worker, speaker, and expert on radicalization, disengagement, and intervention. Robert has organized international conferences and workshops, and has been an adviser on setting up Exit organizations in several countries. He is a member of the European Commission’s Radicalization Awareness Network, where he co-chairs the working group RAN Exit. In April 2016, Robert was a guest speaker at a TEDx event, where he presented, A Way Out From Violent Extremism.

Sammy Rangel

An author, social worker, peace activist, speaker, trainer and father. His autobiography, “Fourbears: The Myths of Forgiveness,” chronicles his life from the physical and sexual abuse he endured as a child to his path of self-destruction that culminated in a 15 1/2-year prison sentence. In 2012, Sammy founded Formers Anonymous, a national self-help group based on the 12-step model for people addicted to street life and violence. In May 2015, he participated in the TEDxDanubia Conference: Balance On the Edge held in Budapest, where he spoke about the power of forgiveness.